Author = Ebrahim Alidoust Ghahfarokhi
A structural-interpretive model of key success factors sports SMEs

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 20 June 2021


zahra sadeqi arani; Ebrahim Alidoust Ghahfarokhi; Nafiseh Ahmadzadeh

Designing an optimal model of talent management in table tennis

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 30 November 2021


afshin noroozi; Amin Dehghan Ghahfarokhi; Ebrahim Alidoust Ghahfarokhi

Environmental factors affecting the Successful Career Transition of Iranian Olympic Athletes from Sport to Social Life

Volume 13, Issue 25, September 2023, Pages 21-32


Nahid Karimi; Mahmoud Goudarzi; Ebrahim Alidoust Ghahfarokhi

Investigating the impact of supporting sections on the main sector of Iran's sports industry using a holistic conceptual model

Volume 12, Issue 23, December 2022, Pages 35-48


Ebrahim Alidoust Ghahfarokhi; Rahim Khosromanesh; Ameneh Asadolahi; Arman Heidari

Designing a competences model of club managers in Iran`s football Premier League

Volume 11, Issue 21, July 2021, Pages 151-167


Ebrahim Alidoust Ghahfarokhi; Mehrzad Asadi

The Paradigm of globalization of the Iranian Football Premier League brand

Volume 10, Issue 19, October 2020, Pages 169-186


Sajad Soroush; Seyyed Nasrolah Sajjadi; Ebrahim Alidoust Ghahfarokhi

Designing a Strategic Evaluation Model for the Ministry of Sport and Youth Public Plans to Horizon 1404 with Phenomenological Approach

Volume 9, Issue 18, June 2020, Pages 107-121


Atefeh Asadzadeh; ghodratoallah bagheri; ebrahim alidoust ghahfarokhi; ali saberi

Conceptual Model Design of Sports Sponsorship in Iran

Volume 8, Issue 16, March 2019, Pages 1-11


Rahim Khosromanesh; Mohammad Khabiri; Ebrahim Alidoust Ghahfarokhi; Ameneh Asadolahi

The relationship between personality dimensions and job burnout in physical education men teachers of Zanjan

Volume 1, Issue 1, August 2012, Pages 37-48

Majid Jalali Farahani; Seyyed Nasrolah Sajjadi; Ebrahim Ali Doost Ghahfarokhi; Yousef Eslami