Conceptual Model Design of Sports Sponsorship in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associated Professor of Sports Management, Tehran University

2 PHD student, Azad University , Center Tehran Unit


The purpose of this research was to design a conceptual model of sports sponsorship in Iran. The methodology of research was the Grounded Theory (GT), Systematic approach. Data collection tools were studying research literature and interviews. The data analysis method was a continuous question and comparison in the steps of open coding, axial coding and selective coding. Because in the GT, generalizations are not considered, so sampling is not made and researched sources and contributors are selected theoretically to achieve theoretical saturation. After examining literature and conducting 16 interviews with sports marketing professors, theoretical saturation was obtained. After studying research literature and conducting 16 interviews with sports marketing professors, theoretical saturation was obtained. The findings showed that there are eleven main categories as the conditions of sport support in Iran that are: sponsorship, media, public opinion, institutions of sovereignty, fans, economic conditions, nature of sponsor, nature of sports institution, sports activity, ambush marketing, and intermediaries. Sponsors and sports activities were identified as the two main players in the formation of sports sponsorship, and other categories affect the formation of this phenomenon by influencing these two categories. Therefore, in order to form a favorable and sustainable sports support, first of all, it must attract the attention of fans and the media with a successful and impressive performance in their respective sport activities. Then, it should encourage, attract and retain the target companies and organizations that have been selected according to their economic conditions and their nature, using intermediaries and institutions of sovereignty.


Main Subjects

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