Measuring occupational attitude among Sports clubs employees in chaharcahal and Bakhtiare Province

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of present research was to measure occupational attitudeamong sports club employees in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiare province . Research method was descriptive and statistical population was all employees in year 1390. After statistical estimation، 172 employees of sports clubs were selected randomly through multistage stratified sampling as statistical sample. Research instrument included researcher-made check list that its validity was calculated at µ=084 through chronbach alfa. After collecting data , statistical t – test was used to analyze them. Research findings showed that the observed t at µ=.05 . there was a significance difference between grades averages of mental frequency and deficiency of employees. Also, this difference among employees with below to years work experience compare to older employees was significant .according to the result sport organizations are suggested to consider high job motivation personal soundness positivism and organizational acceptance as precondition for employment. We also suggest that the managers try to use change leadership style and to establish conditions training courses for personals.