The comparison of the impact of instraction using instractive software and trditional method on implementing for hand and back hand servise of table tennis physical education course of femole strdents

Document Type : Research Paper



The current study was alone with the aim of comparing the educational effect by using educational software and traditional method in doing forhand and backhand services of table tennis .According to applicable purpose and its method the study was semi-experimental the statistical society of study includes all girl students of sari Islamic azad university belonging at 1390-91educational years in sports 2 table tennis that involves 50 students and was selected according to MORGAN table of 44 people that were divided accidentally into two 22 people groups which and resolution of tests results in pre-test and after test stays. We used descriptive and inferential statistics including independent and SPSS software .the results of tests according to obtained average difference of forhand and backhand services in experimental group show this in doing forehand and backhand services has meaning full effect but also .its effect on correct and better doing of forehand and backhand services is more than traditional method.


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