Predicting Sports Performance Based on Sports Motivations and Competitive

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of the present study was to know sports performance based on sports motivations and competitive anxiety of taekwondo players. The statistical population has been the taekwondo players taken part in the eleventhstudent Olympiad in 2012. Using Cochran formula and strata sapling technique, 240 participants (128 male and 112 female) were selected randomly. They answered the Exercise Motivation Inventory (EMI)and sportsmotivations of enjoyment, affiliation, appearance, and competitive anxiety of taekwondo players. The results also showed a direct significant relationship among the sportsmotivations of stress management, revitalization, enjoyment, challenge, social recognition, affiliation, competition, health pressures, ill-health avoidance, positive health, weight management, appearance, strength and endurance, nimbleness, sportsmotivations and the sports performance of the taekwondo players. The results, too, showed a direct significant relationship between competitive anxiety and sports performance the taekwondo players. Moreover, the results of multiple-regression, via stepwise method, showed that the motivations of affiliation, weight management, revitalization, and positive health explain 0.611 of the variance of sports performance of the taekwondo players and are able to predicttheir sports performance so that one standard deviation of  simultaneous change in the mentioned sports  motivations could cause 0.390, 0.337, 0.245, and 0.239 change standard deviations in the sports performance of  taekwondo players respectively. Hence, the taekwondo coaches are suggested to increase the taekwondo players’ motivation to promote their sports performance.