Expression strategy of Iran beach volleyball

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of the present study was expression strategy of Iran beach volleyball through identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities andthreatsfacingIran'sbeach volleyball.
The method of this study was a descriptive- survey and analytical. The target  population  of this research consist of 50 experts beach volleyball. Research tools was a questionnaire consist of 61 questions that was design in four dimensions strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Face validity of this questionnaire was approved by 7 experts beach volleyball.Reliability ofthequestionnaire byusingCronbach's alphaWas obtained ./84.6.For data analysis, the researcher used the descriptive indexes, as Friedman test and SWOT analysis.
The research findings indicate that Beach Volleyball at the present situation encounters 15 strengths, 21 weaknesses, 12 opportunities, and 13 threats. In the points of strengths the beach volleyball the only beach sport in Olympic games , in division of weakness a brings of this questions the lack of a talent scout system, in the point of opportunities : the existence of 3000 kilometers coastline in the country and in division , the more financial motivations in other majors as the highest scale of importance. The results also indicate that the beach volleyball in terms of strategic location and internal and external matrix in the region is conservative, also using matrix analysis , SWOT ,2 strategy so,3 strategy st, 8 strategy wo and 2 strategy is offered  for convert weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities for development of beach volleyball.