Explain and validate the pattern of the effectiveness of old sports management in selected metropolises The country is mixed with a research approach

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Objective: The purpose of this study is to explain and validate the model of effectiveness of the management of old sports venues in the macro

The selected cities of the country are mixed with the research approach.

Methodology: By interviewing experts active in the field of sports management by qualitative analysis method to design and

Explaining the effective model of managing old sports venues in selected metropolises of the country by active experts

In the field of sports management and identification of metrics and components. Then with a quantitative method of factor analysis

Verification and path analysis In structural equation modeling, we examined the relationships between components. Society

Studied in the qualitative section, including experts in the field of sports management and managers and employees of the collections

It is a long-standing sport in different cities of the country. The sample size includes 01 active experts in

The field of sports management


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