The role of sport sponsorship in creation of loyalty on football fans to sport sponsors

Document Type : Research Paper



Nowadays, Sponsorship Specially Sport Sponsorship Is one of The Important Parts of Marketing In The World. Sport Sponsorship Traverses An Ascending Trend In Iran Too. Therefore, Managers Need to true and More Information About Effectiveness of Sponsorship to Make Right Decision About Issues Such as Resource Allocation to Sport Sponsorship. The aim of this study Was to Survey The Effectiveness of Sport Sponsorship on Five Important Variable of This Process that was include: Brand Awareness, Corporate Image, Liking Purchase, intention & loyalty to company & its Products. Therefore data collection was done by a researcher made questionnaire. The validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by specialists and experts. using Cronbach Alpha, its reliability was estimated 0/80 (after operating on some fans). the fans of  Perspolis In Tenth League Were our statistical Population and we Selected 400 Fans for statistical sample. By Using Statistical Method (Binominal Test), the effect of sport sponsorship on Five Mentioned Variables among fans was evaluated. according to the findings, sport sponsorship enhanced the corporate image, increased probability of purchase intention and loyalty of fans to company and Its products but It didn't  increase brand awareness and liking of company and its products. the companies must know that the Process of Fan's loyalty need to long time sponsoring and more supporting from sponsee that finally achieve their goals such as   the Asset Will Return, increasing customers