The Study of distributive and interactive justice in Iranian universities athletic departments

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of this study Barriers and challenges to the development of swimming in Iran Sports University has focuses on mental and physical health between students and academics. Thus the existence of justice is essential to increase its quality in this critical environment.
This study investigates distributive and interactive justice in athletic departments' countries universities.
Population statistics includes 218 people who were university experts and staffs, Athletic directors and sport association chairs. 115 people were experts, 58 directors and 45 sports association chairs.
Research tools were valid organizational justice questionnaire with reliability rate 63% for distributive justice 69% interactive justice. Statistic approaches which have been used are Mean and STD and used from Kruskal–Wallis and freedman methods.
Finding shown that there is sig differences among samples in distributive justice (p<0.5) but was not same in interactive justice (p>0.5). On the other hand, results indicate that chairs more than two groups tend to distributive justice.