Is there any relationship between female hamstring length and their thoracic kyphosis?

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Hamstring shortness has important role on spinal curvatures but this relationship has been minimally researched. The aim of this study was to investigate if hamstring length has a relationship with thoracic kyphosis in two groups of girls with and without hyperkyphosis. One hundred students participated in this study (50 girls with normal kyphosis and 50 girls with hyperkyphosis) who had no pathology and surgery history in spinal column and hamstring. Hamstring flexibility was measured with Velz-test and popliteal angle method and kyphosis was measured by flexible ruler. Pearson correlation coefficient and independent sample t-test was used for correlations and mean differences tests, respectively (P<0.05). Results showed that the girls with thoracic hyperkyphosis had shorter hamstring length than the girls with normal thoracic kyphosis (p<0.05). There was no significant relationship between hamstring length and thoracic kyphosis in girls with normal kyphosis, but there was significant negative relationship between hamstring length and thoracic kyphosis in girls with hyperkyphosis. According to the findings of this study, girls with hyperkyphosis might have less hamstring flexibility therefore it can be concluded that there would be a relationship between thoracic hyperkyphosis and hamstring length in girls. It is recommended to consider these findings in corrective exercises for subjects with hyperkyphosis and/or hamstring tightness.


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