Effective motivational factors prejudice, peers, socialization the Attraction of spectators to Iranian football primary league

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Today, football is a phenomenon related to economic issues, which can be a source of income for clubs. This study examines the influence of friends, family status and social interaction skills to motivate viewers to participate in Iran's Premier League matches. 1067 spectators as a voluntarily completed the two_stages stratified sampling method questionnaires after the formal validation by experts and determine its reliability in a pilot study through Cronbach's alpha (75 percent). The questionnaire included 47  questions that have been set based on the Hawkins pattern of consumer behavior. The formal validity of the findings Structural equation model showed that guys operating activities directly and also through other factors the greatest impact in the tournament has attracted spectators contact and pride in community is the least influential factor.
The overall results showed that due to community deep tissue, factors such as family and friends in different age groups can play an important role in attracting viewers in Iran That need attention and a more accurate and comprehensive plan to attract them to the tournament is. Also the role of the agent community pride in our country have very little color to attract viewers due to the importance and value of national prejudices and criteria should be strengthened in the presence of people at sporting events.


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