Security and sport tourism

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of present research is determining the role and position of security factor in effective factors influencing development of sport tourism based on present situation and optimum situation. The statistical population of this research includes 62 sport expert and specialists including the professors and students of physical education PhD level majoring management and planning. The tool of present research is consisted of a researcher made questionnaire that was distributed after confirming its justifiability and perpetuity (a = 0.38). After describing the data, we used Freidman test for rating the factors and then we used Wilcoxon test for determining mean differences of factors. According to obtained results, from among 12 effective factors influencing sport tourism, security factor and achieving suitable situation, the factor of security gained first rate. After security, the factor of sport events is considerable that gained first rate in present situation and gained 5th rate in optimum situation. Rating of all factors is presented in this article.


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