onsumer decision-making styles in Sport goods

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The aim of this study was to assess decision-making styles of consumers when purohasing products mannfacturer based on Asprvlz and Kendall's.The present study that a survey with a cross-sectional study,and conducted in the field, statistical population of this study was consisted of men and women over than 15 years old in the sports stores in Shiraz so the sample size was calculated to estimate the sample size formula based, (sample size 385). A questionnaire entitled consumer style inventory(CSI), which was made by Sproles and Kenddall(1986). And in this research was used Descriptive and inferential statistical statistical methods ( (Binomial test and Friedman test) . Study indicate that customers in the styles of decision-making Known brands in sensitivit ,Talib Lztgra shopping as a hobby and price sensitivity they follow Sproles and Kenddall High sensitivity, loyal to a rand response the careless, wandering in a lot of choices and model do not follow Sproles and Kenddall.(p<0/01).In fact, consumers are looking for new products in stores and sporting goods are luxury and Shopping is fun for them. The value for their money and expect in return for the money it pays to buy the best quality products.


Main Subjects

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