Factors affecting the success of athletes qualify Hamadan for national team

Document Type : Research Paper



Hence, the overall aim of this study was to determine the factors affecting the athletes’ success in achieve the national teams and championship sports in Hamadan province..116 subjects completed the questionnaire. Information obtained from the questionnaires were evaluated by single sample t-test and Friedman test. The results of the data analysis with single sample t-test Showed that human resources factors, equipment & facilities and sport venues, Financial and psychological -motivating factors In the qualification to the national team and championship sports have a significant effect.as well as, the Friedman test showed that there are significant differences between the factors that affect the success of the athletes. And factors' equipment, facilities and sporting venues» to reach the national teams is the highest priority in the success athletes.Ultimately, recommended that sports administrators in the policy, to have most attention the development and improvement of facilities and sporting venues.


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