Study Challenges Sections quad of Sport in Iran (A Delphi Study)

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The purpose of this study was Study Challenges Structure of Sport in Iran. The research method was analytical descriptive and in terms of the purpose, it is an applied study. Methods of data collection include library research, Delphi method and finally a researcher made questionnaire. The validity of the questionnaire was determined by professors and specialists in the field. Reliability by Cronbach's alpha Measured, The statistical population of the study consisted of managers of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the executive directors of National Olympic Committee and Academy Directors, heads of federations and faculty members. In this study, the sample was determined as equivalent to the research population and by counting all. Out of 302 questionnaires sent to members of the research population, 238 questionnaires were filled (79 percent). For data analysis, descriptive statistics and inferential tests including the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, comparison of the mean of the population (one sample t-test) and Friedman's analysis of variance were applied. The results showed inner and environmental challenges each part of Structure sports (educational sports, sports for all, championship sports and professional championship).


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