Determine the effects of physical training on the employment of graduates of master of public and private universities.

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Title:Determine the effects of physical training on the employment of graduates of master of public and private universities. the aim of this study was to determine the effects of training on the employment of university graduates and postgraduate physical education is public and private. The study was descriptive - survey and practical. This research has been carried out using descriptive – retrospective method; it is an applied research based on its aim and results. It is a field study in terms of performance. It has conducted in the area of cross-sectional studies.
Statistical universe: Statistical universe of this research includes all MA graduates who graduated from both public and Islamic Azad universities in the field of physical education, all majors, from 2006 to 2011.
Studied sample: Studied sample of this research was considered 7500 persons (graduates from both public and Islamic Azad universities); Cochran formula was used to estimate the sample and sample estimation was considered 360 persons. Researcher increased sample results up to 421 persons to increase generalization and validity level of results: Sampling was done stratified-cluster and randomly. Researcher’s questionnaire was used to collect data. Content validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by teachers and faculty members of departments of physical education, management, economics, sociology and social sciences. Factor analysis method was used to study the Content validity of questionnaire; it demonstrated an acceptable content validity (Cronbach's alpha, 877/0). The questionnaire reliability level was reported, 97/0. Statistical software, SPSS, 20, was used for data analysis. Confirmatory factor analysis of educational factors affecting the employment of graduates of master's degree in physical education were prioritized. Strengthen the self-employment program of state university graduates with a load factor of 807/0 and Based on the real educational needs of the student recruitment A load factor of 778/0 of university graduates were the first priority.
Keywords: educational factors, physical education, employment, public and Islamic Azad universities.


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